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Responsible Pet Ownership

It’s easy to compute the rate at which animals get overpopulated: without spay/neuter intervention, a single pair of cats can result in 20,736 offspring in 4 years. The story behind the statistics is painful: most of these animals, cats and dogs, end up dying of starvation or disease.

To reduce overpopulation and its devastating consequences, Man & Beast, Inc. operates a cooperative program with a network of local veterinarians who provide spay and neuter surgery at reduced costs. This low cost service is available to anyone who request for service.
There are some requirements to meet before a veterinarian can perform the surgery. Failure to comply with these requirements may result that surgery cannot be carried out.

Program Requirements & Details

If you do not comply with the requirements, the veterinarian may not perform the surgery.


  • Pets must be four (4) months or older.
  • Dogs: Canine distemper  complex, parvo and rabies.
  • Cats: Feline distemper complex (FRCP) and rabies.
  • Pets must be current on vaccinations.
  • Please clean and de-flea pet. Bathe dogs.
  • No food or water after 9:00pm the night before surgery.
  • Return pet to have stitches removed in 10 to 12 days if required.


  • Female pets that have just had a litter can be spayed two (2) weeks after the puppies/kittens are weaned.
  • No dog in heat period will be spayed. Females in their heat period can be spayed two (2) weeks after the heat cycle. With cats, it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are in their heat period and is not apparent until the veterinarian does the surgery. An additional fee will be charged.
  • If your dog or cat is in early pregnancy, it can still be spayed for an additional fee which should be discussed with the veterinarian prior to the time of surgery.
  • On male dogs, if the testicles are not descended, he does not qualify for low-cost neuter.
VCA Health Associates
11214 Iota
San Antonio, TX
(210) 665-1373
House Call Clinic (Dr. Joe Jaksik) 885
Zigmont Road Adkins, TX
(210) 667-1928
Pavlov’s Hospital 8236 Bandera Road
San Antonio TX (210) 521-8236
Kitty Hawk Animal Hospital
(Drs Cottingham & Horger) 1534 Kitty
Hawk Blvd Universal City, TX (210)